Snow Power Grip


This patented Snow Power Grip (SPG) is approved by the World Polo Instructor and Player Association (PIPA) and was awarded a equine management innovation.

The Snow Power Grip has many advantages and works as follows:

You attach the standard horseshoe as usual with the holes for the stud. And only before you play or train on snow you fix the A Quechua SPG together with the studs. After the training or the tournament you detach both together again, the SPG and the stud.

This solves many problems such as

  • horses loosing the horseshoe because the normal snow grip in the mud is pulled of the leg.
  • the snow grip gets broken if the horse is on the paddock when there is no snow
  • the snow grip has to be renewed each single or second year whereelse the SPG lasts forever.

Many national riders and polo teams already use the A Quechua SPG and take advantage of this leading-edge product.

The SPG comes in three colours yellow, red and blue and each pack contrains four single SPGs for one horse.

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