Chocalan Wine Selection



Chile is the hidden champion in polo - but not only as more and more top wines come from this wonderful country located in the west of South America. Since 2016 myAQuechua helds the importer license of the incomparable selection of Chocalan Wines in Europe. Step by step we will grow our selection from the Chocalan vineyard so that you can always serve something unique to your dear friends and guests. The Chocalan vinery is a boutique vinery and will therefore only be available at very few selected bars, hotels, outlets and restaurants.

The first harvest took place in 2001 and the following year the construction of the wine cellars, located in the Melipilla area, began.This terroir is located in Malvilla, only 5 Km away from the Pacific Ocean, with a privileged and unusual microclimate, within the San Antonio valley.

As a result in 2008, with the harvesting of the first Malvilla white wines, the portfolio of the vineyard was completed, obtaining a wine with an unique and distinguished personality, recognized both at a domestic level and in the most important markets of the world.

Today, Viña Chocalán is recognized for being one of the leading vineyards in producing both high quality white and red wine.



We recommend to always place an order of 6 units to optimize packaging and shipment costs. All wines are also available in our myAQuechua outlets.

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