JL Polo Sticks


One of the most prestigious polo stick producers is a small company in the south of Buenos Aires. JL Polo also serves outlets in Chile and other countries. Exclusively myAQuechua now holds the international wholesale license for these high-end cane mallets.

JL Polo Sticks are sold under the name of many different leading polo brands such as Villamil, LaMartina and many others. With JL Polo Sticks you play one of the best manufactured sticks. Also the Chilenian National Team, the 2015 World Champion, plays with JL Polo sticks.

As usual the stick can be ordered with different handle sizes, grade of stiffness and of course the standard lengths.

These sticks come with 220gr cigar weights. Upon special request and MQO of 5 pieces we can also change the cigar weight.

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