Animalith 1kg

Animalith 1kg



ANIMALITH is a natural, volcanogenic mineral compound, known as „volcano clay“. It develops under weathering conditions and is characterized by it s unique mineral composition responsible for the multifunctional action of this product.


  • Help the digestions.
  • Increasing the absorption of the Vitamins and minerals in take.
  • Reduce the level of lactic acid in the body.
  • Stabling the level of the gastric and intestinal secretions.
  • Reducing the ammonia.
  • Stabling of the body fluids.


Mineral Components: 
Clinoptilolite:  70 %
Other Clay Minerals: 18 % 
Active Glass: 7 % 
Potassic Feldspar: 3 % 
Mica: 2 %


Racing horses: 
10 gm per 100 KG of body weight per day to be add to the food.
Can be fed before and after the race.

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