BREMSENBREMSE® - Ultra fresh  3 liter-bag-in-box (with spray-bottle)

BREMSENBREMSE® - Ultra fresh 3 liter-bag-in-box (with spray-bottle)


BREMSENBREMSE® -  Ultra fresh  3 liter-bag-in-box (with spray-bottle)

– Insect Protection for extremely sensitive parts of the skin

  • even longer duration of action
  • against horse-flies, flies, ticks, midges (mosquitos)
  • very high percentage of active substance: 20 %** 
  • gentle to skin and coat 
  • very mild and odoriferous – to be used on humans and animals 
The brandnew BREMSENBREMSE® Insect-Repellent Gel formulation provides effective coverage and duration of action and protects sensitive parts of the body (head, tail regions, underside) against ticks, horse-flies, flies and mosquitos. By means of herbal Glycerin BREMSENBREMSE® is very skin-friendly. Dermatologically tested. It stays where it is applied to and protects jeopardized parts of the body against persistent insect attacks. Convenient and hygienic application by using a dosage pump.
** for this content of the EPA-approved IR3535® scientific tests with different formulations/products have been proven to be effective for up to 12 hours against ticks and up to 10 hours against mosquitos. (Source: EMD Rona Cosmetic Unite, USA 2007)

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